NIX Solutions Reviews

NIX Solutions Reviews

NIX Solutions Reviews is a very actual topic, because today’s business appointments are made for what one people talk about others, and our company is not the exception. On this website, you can read about our company and what we do as a software development company. Every review can tell a lot because the IT service domain is very competitive and doesn't forgive a single mistake.

At the same time, reviews are the key factor that client use to make a partnership decision. NIX Solutions reviews don't appear on their own. It is the result of hundreds and thousands of work hours, dedicated to implement client's ideas and deliver perfect service. The special thing that can influence feedback is company's service. Imagine the tens of outsourcing companies alike, but only a reviews are a special thing that distinguishes them. If you want to know more on customer service, let your customers speak for you. So on this website, you'll find the NIX Solutions customers list and opinions on such topics as working with us, about our software, support, and quality. If you are already known of our service, it would be interesting to read about other clients expectations and results. This way, you can combine a picture of what customer service means for our company. We collected reviews of our customers from different sites and review platforms in one convenient place. Now you can browse through every single quote on our work easily, as all of them are gathered on one convenient page.

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NIX Solutions

NIX SolutionsNIXSolutions was founded in 1994, and for the moment it is a worldwide software outsourcing company, headquartered in Kfar Saba, Israel, with R & D Center in Kharkov, Ukraine. Our desire to innovate and help our clients’ businesses became our drivers for success. NIX Solutions is growing dynamically, constantly expanding the range and raising the quality of our services. We believe that cutting-edge knowledge and research are crucial in shaping the changes needed for our broader vision to be realized, and companies to navigate the challenges ahead. Our company’s success relies on collaboration with clients based on trust and mutual respect. A systematic approach to project activity is grounded in our deep expertise in modern IT. The aim of excellence in completing of the most of the projects is to make a client become our long-term partner.

The company has built its reputation on lasting partnerships with some of the world's recognizable companies by providing the finest technical expertise. The development services are tailored to the needs of a specific client, with his budget and timetable.

For the moment, the company's customer base includes more than 10 countries, with over 2,600 international projects. The per-project effort is up to 320 man-years, in general, it is about 645,000 man-hours. There are also projects of large capacity with up to decades of man-years, and a big part of clients are repeat customers. NIXSolutions has an extensive staff, with top experts in various domains. The key point of HR policy is delivering opportunities for professional growth and recreational activity.

Development Company With Finest Technical Talent The idea of the company is an ability to cover all stages of the development process. Usually, the independent freelancers and programmers deal with coding only, but they can't embrace and sometimes don’t understand the project on the whole. Logically it would be correct to choose a team that consists of designers, developers, testers, and project managers. It is perfect decision to be informed with the developing progress at every stage.

We employ talented English-speaking programmers, testers, and architects, who are experts in all common technologies. All our developers have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and many of them hold the Master’s Degrees and PhDs from prestigious universities worldwide.

How the Offshore Software Development Helps High-quality software like web applications, portals, a tablet or a desktop app can add a colossal value to businesses and product owners. Hiring services from a reputed software company is one of the most cost-effective way to achieve this. This is where an offshore software development company, comes as the perfect solution. For us, being a software developer is a pride of sharing expertise worldwide.

The main advantage of Software Outsourcing company is that it will help you cut the costs without cutting corners. Nowadays, outsourcing software development to offshore countries has gained a lot of popularity. Offering development from scratch, we help enterprises achieve great cost savings and obtain reliable technology solutions.

Some details on our work:
  • platform-based consulting
  • outsourced product development
  • IT services
  • tailored solutions on different platforms
  • technological solutions for multiple target industries
  • The main focus is on the technologically driven solution, that makes the complex simpler. NIX Solutions work towards to build more robust and secure software technologies. Our most important aim is to reach out to the unique ideas of people and to enhance the growth of their businesses.


    NIX Solutions review Rating:/ Votes Reviews Rating: 4.6 - ‎18 review Reviews Rating: 4.9 - ‎22 review Reviews Rating: 4.6 - ‎38 review Reviews Rating: 4.7 - ‎24 review Reviews Rating: 4.8 - ‎24 review Reviews are quotes from IT-stuff employees that were linked with the company and worked there for some time.

    1. recommend to partner with this company. It has a very high level of inner corporate life. A variety of team buildings that are happening often enough: travels to conferences, campings, themed holiday parties. Everything to have a proper rest from work!

    2. The company is flexible and constantly growing, employees appreciate their work, and respectfully treat to a client. The HR managers watch and care about NIX Solutions colleagues - both for their needs and psychological condition. The experience of working in the company was priceless for me. The one and the most important thing is that I have been educated by the real professionals and improved my skills dramatically. I participated in large projects and gained unique experience. I also have to say that NIXSolutions is the very comfortable place to work at, the company does its best for employees. Sometimes it was really hard to work on different projects simultaneously, and we did our best to manage everything.Now matter how many years you collaborate with the company, you will have everything for comfortable work!

    3. I contacted this company by the recommendation of my friends. After a small investigation, I've found that the company is popular and useful. I decided to partner with them in the creation of the commercial website. At the beginning, I was surprised by proper and competent conversation. Guys became my fellows, and have done everything in agreed terms! Now I'm confident in data security of my website, and business goes perfectly as I planned!

    4. We were to build WMS (Warehouse Management System) with an inbuilt supply chain module. The cooperation with NIX Solutions went quick and smooth, maybe this is why we are scheduling two new projects with them at this moment! Reviews platform is for independent, and qualitative analysis on leading firms, to support procurement decisions in enterprises.

    1. We came up with an e-learning platform and searching for consistent application development partner. The previous companies we had worked with were not satisfying, and we selected NIX-Solutions after an extensive search process. We needed a consistent development partner – for the iOS and Android multi-platform applications. We watched through several contractors and small development companies and were very frustrated with the lack of quality. This company had associated development work as integrating the analytics components with the apps. They built the iPhone and Android apps, configured data analytics, and integrated them with the back-end data platform. The project was large and branched and the company did everything very well!

    2. The management consulting and software manufacturing firm from the United Kingdom were looking to better manage their server infrastructure without increasing the staff members. The client was very satisfied with the support provided since their partnership began in 2008. NIXSolutions has become an integral member of their team and is highly recommended by the client to his business partners.

    3. The founder of Stories360, a provider of GPS-based audio tours through mobile applications is one more client. He was in need of a development team for his application's requirements. Also, they have been through building a business strategy for a couple of years and were about to launch the apps in May 2015. The challenge was development based. They had technical project management, so the only need was in an experienced development team.This client highlights the responsive delivery style as a reason for the recommendation. Reviews contains client comments on a business page. Every message contains interesting organization details.

    1. I am grateful to NIX Solutions Ltd for the building of our company's website. The work was done fine, all deadlines were met, and a professionalism of specialists is quite outstanding. I shall definitely recommend it to everyone as a reliable company.

    2. The NIX-Solutions Company has the widest experience in providing IT services in Ukraine. The company constantly develops since 1994. I was pleased of its individual approach to the specific client. I recognize this company as the only one in whole Europe having no analogs. Probably, this is so by highly talented specialists and well-organized staff's workflow.

    3. I've been working with CMS team as I am the owner of the shop. I had the pleasure of visiting the company's office in Ukraine in 2012. They constantly do and continue to do a great work for me. Totally and Highly recommended.

    4. The CMS team at NIX is great. I've been partnering them for more than 5 years and the code quality is always top notch. They handled a number of projects for me over the past 5 years. Highly recommended. is the platform to search the outsourcing partner, where every client can leave a review on agency he partnered with.

    1. I am grateful to NIX Solutions Ltd for the building of our company's website. The work was done fine, all deadlines were met, and a professionalism of specialists is quite outstanding. I shall definitely recommend it to everyone as a reliable company.

    2. "This is not just another 5 out of a 5-star review. I've been working with this company for almost 2 years on a regular basis. We are based in the United States and we were needed the automated solution. They are able to work quickly with delivering most of the enhancements ahead of schedule. So if you are in need of custom web interface programmer, then definitely engage NIXsolutions."

    3. NIX Solutions currently provides all of our IT needs in the cloud with having over 50 servers hosted in an Amazon. They transferred this environment from Rackspace to Amazon in extremely short terms, built automated deployment, centralized user management, all with professional and knowledgeable attitude. They are a pleasure to work with, dependable providing the support to our IT infrastructure. We employ 2 full-time sysadmins for comparatively a very reasonable cost. I highly recommend their services!

    4. The NIXSolutions team did a great job for us and I would recommend you consider them for your projects. They meet the difficulties that can appear in every project very responsively and do the job a few days before the deadline. is a Review's platform, where you can find testimonials from freelancers and businesses. Today Elance became Upwork portal

    1. “The outsource freelancers did a fine job. They accomplished a seven-month project just as they said, and even some days earlier the schedule. A group of professionals and there is nothing more to add.
    2. "
    3. "Excellent team of professionals at Elance! I am delighted to have discovered Amazon Systems Admin Services from NIX Solutions Company. Be totally confident in these guys 24/7. And they also beat everyone's pricing!" The best hire! Kat Jennings, CEO

    4. “Exceptional work with great communication that kept me informed throughout all completed tasks. All deadlines have been met when promised. The server was setup and works really well and a lot faster than my old one. They also have done some additional tasks for no charge and was very knowledgeable. Unlike other freelancers, these make everything working from the first time. When I checked there were no issue or work that needed the remake. We made a contract to do all future server work with them. The best I've used on outsourcing sites, thanks to their work.”

    5. "I have been a NIX-Solutions client for more than 5 years now, and it never happened any problems with them. Their staff is skillful starting from PMs ending with developers. Highly recommended as a very helpful partner."

    Reviews Is A Way to Find a Right Partner From Many

    Reviews is a feedback activity of clients about specific company or firm. Totally positive reviews, which reveal the benefits of working with a company will affect on a client's favorable decision.

    Why is the process of choosing the development partner is so difficult? Why are often expensive mistakes are made repeatedly? Why are timelines fuzzy and frequently change? What is the right way to pick a partner? The goal of hiring an outsourcing development company is to find the right team with proper expertise, to fit the specific project requirements. Yet, the wrong partner most often is chosen based on broad brief, or when project scopes are not defined clearly. So when our clients ask a typical question "How much does it cost to develop an app?” we have to find key points about the project, to break down the processes into tasks. After that, we can get a more accurate picture of the entire project workflow and cost.

    The most right way to pick a partner is to read reviews on his business, how the company acts, does it break deadlines, or does the cost level worth it. By reading the reviews on this website about NIXSolutions company, you will create a picture is it worth it to partner with this company or not.

    NIX Solutions Reviews